Perfectly Seared Backstrap

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  • Lucas's avatar

    Your making my mouth water 🤤

  • Colby's avatar

    You try deer heart

  • Brad's avatar

    Yes please

  • Casey's avatar

    Nailed it 👍🏻

  • Scot's avatar

    This is my wife's favorite venison dish!!

  • Diain's avatar

    Looks good

  • Diain's avatar

    @Colby how do you fix a deer heart

  • Colby's avatar

    Idk my grandpa cooks it

  • Calvin's avatar

    I just ate dinner and now I’m hungry again.

  • Daniel's avatar

    This guy does

  • Cable's avatar

    @Lucas thank ya

  • Cable's avatar

    @Colby yessir. Favorite of sons

  • Cable's avatar

    @Scot smart woman!

  • Dylan's avatar

    Yes sir

  • Tyler's avatar

    Good lawd that looks good!

  • Rikki's avatar


  • Rick's avatar

    @Diain I’ve had it fried and smoked, both ways are excellent.

  • Dave's avatar

    Nah, I prefer it dry and burnt. 😉

  • Kristopher's avatar

    I do! I just made a bunch. Put some in the fridge for my lunch the next day and woke up and it was gone. Not sure how a 14 year old can eat that much! I’m hiding it from the little turd next time!😂

  • Samuel's avatar

    The real question is if that's backstrap or tenderloin

  • Casey's avatar

    @Samuel it says backstrap ...

  • Samuel's avatar

    @Casey I know a staggering amount of hunters that confuse the two, it was a jab at fellas like that

  • Kurt's avatar

    You, you're good you.

  • Connor's avatar

    Me I do

  • I mean, who doesn’t love a perfectly seared piece of MEAT!!? Hahaha. That looks awesome man

  • Craig's avatar

    What’s the recipe?

  • Aaron's avatar

    Yowsers looks good!

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