Bushwhacking for Fly Fishing: Ignoring Doubters Pays Off

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Brook Trout

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    Welcome to GoWild!

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    @Jim Thanks for the welcome Jim! I haven’t been on social media in over two years. I heard about GoWild on a podcast. Seems like a great community to be part of to share some of my stories, and being able to see others.

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    CA has some great brookie fishing. We used to go to Quebec a couple times a year east of the Saguenay. We literally would catch over 100 per hour in some spots. Love exploring up there. I’m convinced a lot of those fish have never seen a human. Haven’t been in a while. Had a trip planned 2 years ago but COVID canceled that. Unfortunately I haven’t been since the digital era so pictures are lacking. Welcome to GoWild and good for you for not listening to others and doing your own thing.👍

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    Nice one! Welcome to GoWild.

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    @Cole it really is a great platform. You won’t see the usual social media banter on here.

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    @Mat It truly does have some great opportunities that fish haven’t seen a human. I haven’t explored that area yet. like your experience I’ve had others say the same thing when they went up in that area. Hopefully with the restrictions here lifting things can normalize. Hope ya can get back up for another trip. Thanks I’m excited to see like minded peoples outdoor experiences this is the place!

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    @David thank you was a personal best for me and I couldn’t of been happier to do it with a fly rod.

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Cole M

Ontario, Canada

Living the fullest outdoors. Putting food on the plate. Conservation efforts for the future outdoorsman.

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