Building Our Booth for the Great American Outdoor Show: DIY, Displays, and Interactive Experiences

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  • Scotty's avatar

    Now that is cool…. How to get a badge from my old man And sneak in is the problem lol

  • Mike's avatar

    You said PA 😳. Wish I could. We will be lookin for pictures.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Scotty that show is open to the public!

  • Brad's avatar

    @Mike next time!

  • Kyle's avatar

    Would love to go, looking into it to see if it fits my schedule!

  • Ben's avatar

    Awesome can’t wait to meet you guys

  • Ben's avatar

    Where will you be located?

  • Lyn's avatar


  • Scotty's avatar

    @Brad ah my bad I was thinking Vegas.

  • Duane's avatar

    It's in the conversation, trying g to assess a head count.. Looking forward to meeting you guys

  • Blue River's avatar

    Trying to get some guys to road-trip up there! Never been always wanted to go.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Duane yes! Let’s do this

  • Brad's avatar

    @Scotty yeah SHOT is industry only

  • Brad's avatar

    @Lyn you going!?

  • Brad's avatar

    @Ben right in the front area when you come in. Can’t remember the booth number but second row by Colt

  • Brad's avatar

    @Blue it’s an amazing show

  • Bald Guy's avatar

    This is awesome!!

  • Lyn's avatar

    @Brad I’ll be running daddy daycare in Alaska then. I wish though. Hatcher loves people lol.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Lyn 😂 bring Hatcher and we can truly shake hands and kiss some babies

  • Travis's avatar

    Where's this thing at, and when? Guess Google will help.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Travis Harrisburg PA

  • Cody's avatar

    Y'all need to come out west here to the Hunt Expo or something. 😉

  • Bob's avatar

    Weather permitting I will be there

  • David's avatar

    If it were here in Illinois I'd definitely come out, a long trip like that not yet in the budget yet. Good luck over there, represent the brand get out the message and hopefully bring in a lot of new members. Keep us updated on the progress. Post pics from the show.

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