Building an Offset Smoker and Grill: A DIY Project Update with Cold Smoking Capability

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do it yourself5H 30M
  • Adam's avatar

    looks great

  • Kevin's avatar

    Woa cool!

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

  • Brad's avatar

    A few thoughts: A) are you going to add a table to the front of that? I recommend it. Very helpful on mine. B) a barrel smoker over the firebox is awesome. Will that be a removable feature? C) If you still have time, look up reverse flow smokers. They’re not much harder to build but are quite a bit better than a traditional barrel because it will evenly distribute the heat. The hardest change would be adding something to hold the baffles that make it a reverse flow.

  • Jim's avatar

    Wow that's when you can repurpose stuff and making it yourself is the icing on the cake.

  • Tom's avatar

    Yes I planned on doing a table in front of the door. The barrel directly over the firebox will be more of a grilling chamber with the heat directly under it. I plan on having a way to block that off so that the same heat source can be used for the offset smoker (just not at the same time). And yes I planned on making it a reverse offset with some steel plates to direct the heat and even out the temperature. The exhaust will be on the same end as the firebox and will connect into the vertical tank and exit out the top of it. My hope is that by doing this I’ll be able to use the top of the vertical tank as a cold smoker with the proper dampers. It’s all theoretical until I can light a fire in it.

  • Tom's avatar

    @Brad 👆

  • Tom's avatar

    @Jim if it works party is at my house.

  • Tom's avatar

    @Gobbler that may be a while but starting is the hardest part.

  • Tom's avatar

    @Kevin 👊👍

  • Brad's avatar

    @Tom this sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see the progress

  • Tom's avatar

    @Adam I’m hoping my theories work in the final product

  • Tom's avatar

    @Brad me too🤣🤣

  • Tom's avatar

    @Brad scale is a bit wonky but this is the idea.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Tom that’s like a Bronco + Highlander Reverse Flow Combo, and if it works it’ll be a thing of beauty. Air gaps will be the tricky part on the barre to the right but it’s doable!

  • Casey's avatar

    👍🏻👍🏻Gotta get some smoke rollin'!rolling!

  • Tom's avatar


  • Andy-Lee's avatar

    That’s rad!!

  • Joe's avatar

    Time + (an idea *@Tom) = always up to something cool 🤙🏻

  • Tom's avatar

    @Joe keeps me young.

  • Samuel's avatar

    You burnt out all the old fuel right? Would that even make it safe enough to smoke food inside? I would think so, but I would want to be sure. Good work though, this is great

  • Tom's avatar

    @Samuel It was a diesel tank so with a good pre fire, some wire wheel brushing and a pressure wash it’ll be good to go. It’s been dry for over a year and there isn’t any residual odor so I’m not worried. When I was a kid we would use a kerosene stove to cook on when the power went out. I can still remember how that smelled, granted we weren’t sitting our food in the kerosene but all the grates will be new stainless steel so the meat wont be in direct contact with the interior of the barrel either. I appreciate your concern and I’ll let you know how it works.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Absolutely fantastic! I love repurposing! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 Looks awesome. Made me laugh on the, "I promise I won't try to get a job welding pipelines or nuclear reactors."😆😉 I liked the ideas Brad mentioned and your response. Very cool, Tom!

  • Tom's avatar

    @Lisa I know my limitations. 🤣

  • Mike's avatar

    Couldn’t find a cool steam punk gif, but it wouldn’t match that beauty anyway 💪

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Tom D


First big game hunt was woodland caribou and a cow moose in Newfoundland at the age of 41. My son has been raised to respect and appreciate the hunting lifestyle. Cooking game has been the frosting on the hunting cake.

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