Building a 1/2 Scale Medieval Trebuchet: A Fun Family Project

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  • Matt's avatar

    I mean…yes please!!!

  • Derek's avatar

    Imagine how much that lumber would cost now!

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  • Rick's avatar

    Pumpkin chunkin!

  • Lisa's avatar

    This is awesome! Hey, buddy Joey.... @Joey ....I can see you'd like this too

  • Joey's avatar

    @Lisa Whoa!! Oh yeah definitely. @Corey Corey, y’all built this?! That is sooo cool! 1/2 scale huh? Looks pretty big to me. Medieval, fur trapper, or old west era… you would’ve have had no problem surviving my friend. Amazing job!

  • Corey's avatar

    @Derek Haha true. Though all the lumber was cut on a mill by my dad so it wasn’t store bought.

  • Corey's avatar

    @Joey Yeah. Me and my 2 brothers and a couple long time buddies. We threw concrete balls cast from soccer and basketballs.

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    @Robert Forrest They threw carved limestone balls about 2 ft in diameter.

  • Joey's avatar

    @Corey Cool!

  • Corey's avatar

    @Rick My brother tried throwing pumpkins and they just disintegrate because the sling of the trebuchet goes so fast as it throws.

  • Rick's avatar

    @Corey that’s awesome 😆

  • Corey's avatar

    @Rick 😂 it’s a hoot!

  • Leif's avatar

    Good times. 187 yards is the record throw with a 30lb ball.

  • Corey's avatar

    @Robert Forrest Interestingly during sieges when they reach a stalemate they would throw rotting carcasses of livestock and, disgustingly, also decomposing human corpses. This basically splattered the interior of the fortress being sieged with disease and filth.

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Corey W


Hunter and Fisher of big and little critters-so long as they is good eatin. I like hunting and fishing, exploring places I’ve never been, artifact hunting, camping, archery, flintlocks and blackpowder, early American history and reenacting, primitive outdoors. Spending time with my wife and children. I’m a musician. Ive played and performed guitars and vocals in a band for over 20 years. I love guitars and music and recording gear. I’m a luthier (builder and repairer of stringed instruments). I am a trained traditional animator, artist and painter. I trained with several old Disney/Warner/Universal animators, producers and directors. My home is Eastern Montana.

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