Brotherly Elk Hunting Adventure in Colorado: A Week of Camaraderie and a Tank of a Bull Elk

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  • Shawn's avatar

    That thing is a giant. Wow. Congratulations to him.

  • Christian's avatar

    Tell me about it that’s only the head lol it was well over 1400 lbs field dressed

  • Al's avatar

    Wow man, Amazing!! Congratulations.

  • Mat's avatar

    Great experience you will remember the rest of your life 👍

  • Michael's avatar

    Dang that’s nice congrats!…on my bucket list

  • Chad's avatar

    Dang what a stud look at that mass!

  • Justin's avatar

    What a stud congratulations

  • Swann's avatar

    Man great bull do you know what it scored?

  • Casi's avatar

    That’s some great bull! Unit 211?

  • Christian's avatar

    @Kyle no I’m not sure when I talk to him again I’ll ask and I’ll let u know

  • Bruce's avatar

    Wow it’s huge. Looks like a giant. Congratulations

  • Casi's avatar

    @Christian no worries! 👍

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Christian H


I’m an Army veteran best time of my life I love to hunt fish and really anything outdoors and I love trying new d.i.y. Things and on my spare time I enjoy making wine and spending time with my family

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