Breaking the Dry Spell: My Biggest Shed of the Year on Public Land!

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Antler Shed

  • found
  • public
    land type
  • 5
    antler tines

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Gear tagged in this post

  • Joe's avatar

    Awesome find and great shed! Congrats!

  • Wes's avatar

    Really nice shed! Did you have any sightings or trail cam pics of that buck this past year?

  • Eli's avatar

    @Wes no this was actually a piece I've never been in before in my life so I don't know anything about the deer but hopefully that'll change before next year!!

  • Wes's avatar

    @Eli Hopefully you’re finding plenty of good sign and some potential setups in your travels!

  • Eli's avatar

    @Wes actually hadn't found a whole lot of sign yet and wasn't even really interested in hunting it but this shed definitely changed that so I'll see what I can find today

  • Wes's avatar

    Hmmm…Perhaps that buck is spending his fall in a totally range from where he is wintering if there isn’t much sign there. Just a thought.

  • Eli's avatar

    @Wes that was one of my thoughts too..he's only a 3 year though so not impossible he didn't lay down a lot of sign

  • Shawn's avatar

    Great shed. Congratulations

  • Eli's avatar

    @Shawn thank you!!

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Eli Z


Obsessed with bowhunting mature public land bucks...amateur wildlife photographer and videographer...most of my content goes to Instagram if you want to follow along throughout the year

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