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    That sounds like a great plan! I'm sure you'll find the perfect call for your 2023 season. Good luck! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    That’s me and @Derek amongst em last year.

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    This is something my pops is getting heavily into. I got him a Nomad Killin time turkey vest, primos decoys, flextone Thunder Gobbler and a primos waterboard!
    definitely gonna get him some Woodhaven calls too!

  • David's avatar

    @Brayden didn't recognize ya'll all masked up! 🤣

  • Phil's avatar

    @Brayden thinking about running a box call this year. Not sure which one. More research needed. Other than that it’s Woodhaven all the way baby!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    can't go wrong with the Woodhavens, now almost all your major name brand turkey calls sound decent at first but I've noticed the Woodhavens last longer in the sense that the latex doesn't get stretched out, nor does the tape come unglued.

    I'll be running my copper over glass and probably one of the black deaths since I didn't lose them lol
    I have a wingbone call I made that I like to use in highly pressured areas, I'd highly recommend making one or buying a trumpet call.
    It's a different sound that from a distance sounds more realistic than anything else

  • Tyler's avatar

    I Will be trying out the Gowild pot call this year as well. I use mouth calls 90% of the time. I carry at least 10 all the time. Primos, zink, hs strut, wood haven etc. I also use an old Lynch’s world champion box call.

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Kyler ya they are solid! The THP guys run Woodhaven which is why I went with em. Did not disappoint

  • Brayden's avatar

    @David lol sneaky sneaky

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Phil yes sir! Sounds good!

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Appalachian excellent. I check ‘em out! Thanks bud

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Jason Sills I’ll look into them! Thanks man

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Tyler haha you run em all! Love it. I hope you like the GoWild pot call. I’m definitely a fan but I’m biased 😂

  • Tyler's avatar

    @Brayden I think I’ll like it just fine lol. I’ve been messing with it already. And yes with mouth calls I have to have the perfect sounding ones to my liking. I might buy 20 and throw 10 or 12 of them straight in the trash lol. I hate to be wasteful but it’s worked for me for 35 years. I have 100’s of birds under my belt from my own to my two kids to friends and family. I love calling for other people 💪💪

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Tyler ya man! Gotta stick with what works!

  • Ashley's avatar

    any slate. box call in a bread bag when it's raining.

  • Craig's avatar

    I enjoy calling with a Wing Bone that I make out of birds I have taken. Took me a while to get the sounds I was aiming for but it gives me a lot of satisfaction when I fool an old gobbler with one. Having said that I use a variety of mouth calls and pots

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Craig ya there is something special about that no doubt! Hopefully I’ll have some bones to fashion one out of after this season 😎

  • Andrew's avatar

    Terminal game calls ridge whisper and custom pot calls

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Andrew sweet. Thanks!

  • Nathan's avatar

    I just bought the woodhaven THP diaphragm calls. Never used diaphragm calls so I’m excited to learn

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Nathan it took me a while to figure it out but I really enjoyed the process of learning! I spent almost all of my time alone in the truck on drives practicing.

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Brayden I’ve been doing the same thing haha! I knew I needed to make the change to a hands free call. I was using a slate call while bow hunting last year and it hit me that I needed my hands on my bow and not a call

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Nathan exactly. I love being hands free and honestly I just think it’s fun.

  • Ray's avatar

    Beaver Creek Game calls.

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Ray thanks bud

  • John's avatar

    going to pick up another "agitator" mouth call from mountain hollow game calls. loved how it worked for me last year

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