Wolfing Out with Brandon&Stacy

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    Wow. For scale, how tall are you?

  • Brandon&Stacy's avatar

    @Coyote haha, not the tallest almost 5’2”

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    Wow! 👍 Didn’t realize wolves are that big.

  • Brandon&Stacy's avatar

    @T before skinning couldn’t get him completely off the ground though

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  • Bruce's avatar

    It’s huge.

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    O M G

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  • Darrin's avatar

    Van Daaaaaaaamn!

  • Michael's avatar

    Freaking awesome I miss the northwest but not the people

  • Kurt's avatar

    Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf...🐺

  • Blake's avatar

    Impressive. Great trophy

  • Jessie's avatar

    Wow Congratulations

  • Mike's avatar

    Chores will always be there how do you keep a house that clean and kids? I am single don't look like that. I saw a pic here of someone who said 200 pounds

  • Brandon&Stacy's avatar

    @Mike haha. It’s a constant battle being clean but when both adults are ocd clean freaks we manage! 200 would be a fairy tale closer to 100 just a tad over. 120lbs would be a massive wolf.

  • Mike's avatar

    I agree, saw the pic and it was a head scratcher.

  • Ronnie's avatar

    That’s a big one wow.

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  • Mark's avatar

    Ooooh saweeeet!!! Love it! Well done!

  • Mark's avatar

    @Coyote She's a midget!😆😂

  • Larry's avatar

    That is great!,,

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  • Seth's avatar

    Very cool

  • Alex's avatar

    Congratulations @Brandon&Stacy ! Where did you take/shoot the Wolf at? Is it a Timberwolf or what species is it?

  • Roy's avatar

    Good lord that’s a huge wolf. Please send me photos of it after you get it back from taxidermist. You doing a full mount?

  • Roy's avatar

    My cat from Idaho was huge but that wolf is remarkable.

  • Roy's avatar

    Sled ride back to camp

  • Ted's avatar

    Awesome congratulations

  • Brandon&Stacy's avatar

    @Roy we haven’t decided full mount or just rug mount yet.

  • Brandon&Stacy's avatar

    @Alex we took 3 this winter 2 were about thus size and a female a bit smaller. 3 miles from our home in Manning Alberta Canada. Timberwolf yes.

  • Brandon&Stacy's avatar

    @Alex Brandon’s vs Mine.

  • Roy's avatar

    I hope that you’re doing a full mount. I am very happy for you regardless....

  • Roy's avatar

    I never thought my wife would approve. She bought the rock base for the full mount.

  • Kasey's avatar

    Look like an eastern Oregon Timberwolve

  • Alex's avatar

    @Brandon&Stacy I'm so happy for y'all and jealous of y'all too! Those are a absolutely beautiful Timberwolves and I really truly hope I can either do a Wolf hunt or just any hunt or fishing trip to Canada. I can't wait to see y'all's future posts & game!

  • Mike's avatar

    That’s a good sized pelt!

  • Brandon's avatar

    Big boy

  • Roy's avatar

    @Brandon&Stacy I saw my 1st wolf on a bear hunt in Saskatchewan. He was only 75 yards away from me. His eyes seem to look right thru me. The hair stood up on my neck. I can still see him in my mind and how I wish I had a tag. Beautiful animals......

  • Cameron's avatar

    What a whopper!

  • Gerald's avatar

    Boy we sure can't let those beasts into Colorado.. it would be disastrous for our deer, elk, and moose herds

  • Charlie's avatar

    Big doggie!

  • Charlie's avatar

    @Coyote I’m assuming 8’ ceiling. Nose to tail looks a few inches short of that.

  • Brandon&Stacy's avatar

    @Charlie yes sir

  • Gerald's avatar

    @Tim See why I think they're too big to be brought into colorado? I feel like I have ten good years of hunting left in colorado now.. just disappointing

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Brandon&Stacy H


Hunting for the love of memories made and a full freezer here in Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 https://www.youtube.com/user/IEATSRT11 http://Instagram.com/brandonandstacyhunt

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