Bobcat Treed by Glade Creek Leps

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  • Ben's avatar

    I was wondering where the bobtail came from lol

  • Lisa's avatar

    I saw this first on Krystal's post...but that bobcat is a pretty one!

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Lisa Krystal has done a great job with her Leopards I think I was more excited than her about her dogs treeing the bobcat.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Neat! I truly think when one supports someone else's are so emotionally invested and waiting for that success to hit. Makes you a good support system for her!

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Lisa I have some ties there too her dogs come from my line of Leopard hounds(Glade CreekLeopards) I’ve raised these dogs for 25 years her youngest dog is my 6th or 7th generation. But I agree with you good support is always helpful. Krystal and Troy her husband and family are top notch in my book. One day I hope to go out and meet them

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Brandon @Brandon
    😱 Now that is super cool!! Absolutely makes sense as to why you'd be so excited! It is like your own kids succeeding! They are gorgeous dogs!!

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