Dad's Super Bowl: Pocket Knives!

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  • Donovan's avatar

    death to all the tape

  • Joshua's avatar

    No truer statement has ever been spoken.

    Merry Christmas

  • Brad's avatar

    @Donovan “packaging tape? Fine. Duct tape? Bring it. A whole roll of scotch? Let’s go”

  • Brad's avatar

    @Joshua merry Christmas brother

  • William's avatar

    Merry Christmas, Brad!

  • Brad's avatar

    @William merry Christmas!

  • Darren's avatar

    And don’t forget all the youngsters getting their very first pocket knives! It will be their favorite present. And take it from me, if they use their new pocket knife to carve their name in their bedpost it’s not your fault!🤣

  • Jt's avatar

    @Darren How did you know. I got a pocket knife.

  • Alexis's avatar

    Got a CRKT BIWA fillet knife (for panfish and such). Merry Christmas! 🎄

  • Brad's avatar

    @Alexis nice!

  • Spikes's avatar

    🤣don’t forget the battery dads🤣

  • Brad's avatar

    @Spikes dude, I failed this year. Out of AAAs. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Joshua's avatar

    @Brad don't feel bad, I ran out of AAs lol

  • Jake's avatar

    So true, mine got a workout today!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    Don't forget about the 1 million zip ties holding everything in the packaging. I need to sharpen my knife 🤦‍♂️

  • Jake's avatar

    It’s not always the dads! Most rely on me and I’m not a dad yet 😂

  • Curtis's avatar

    this is why I'm the favorite uncle

  • Lisa's avatar

    🤣😅🤣 ...and to all the Mom's that had to do all the shopping, wrapping, cooking, and the dad's fold their knives back into their pockets and stay on the couch watching tv!🤣😅😜 Actually🤔, I had the knife too, come to think of it.😅😆

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Darren 🤣👍🏻

  • Darren's avatar

    @Lisa That’s the truth!!!😁

  • Brad's avatar

    @Lisa 😂 no doubt. We are nothing without the mommas

  • Brad's avatar

    @Jake 😂😂😂

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