Dad's Surprise Catch with Zebco 33!

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Largemouth Bass

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  • 2 lbs 8 oz
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    Awesome! Congratulations on getting it on that Zebco. Definitely 3 lb plus a few ounces.

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    @David I felt it was 3 pounds easily.

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    Nice man! Good on you for weighing it too, it's a pet peeve of mine when folks post pictures of fish that I know about what they weigh and they're like "5lb fish" They're deceptive, hardly ever weigh what you think lol 👊

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    @Adam I tried to weigh 😂. Need a good scale.

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    @Brad lol, a good rule of thumb, if you can't close your fist around the bottom jaw of a largemouth than it's not over 4lbs. I've never caught one over 4 that I couldn't completely close my fist around it's bottom jaw, and you met me I'm not small 🤣

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    @Adam i don’t have a lot of experience with 4-5 pounders 😂

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    @Brad 🤣me either man I can count them on one hand and I spent most of my 20's tryna be a tournament angler haha. The few I do have under my belt left an impression 😁

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    Wow! That's a slab of fish! Congrats!

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    @Jim thanks! I was pumped.

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    Nice bass

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    Awesome bass Brad congrats

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    Thanks boys

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    I would start taking that zebco more often!🤪🤣🤣

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    @Brian no kidding 😂

  • David's avatar

    Nice one Brad! Congrats.

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    Nice fish!!

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    Epic fish!

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    I think it's a good rule of thumb 👍 that any bass that you can get your 🖐 on is a good one.

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