Bowhunting Turkeys: Questions Answered

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    Well you have two options.. 1. Keep your normal hunting set up as far poundage and arrows but definitely use a mechanical broad head. You can use fixed blade but you have less room for error with a mechanical because your trying to hit a softball sized target. That being said if you do this your going to want to aim for the body. Tons of videos and pictures on the internet to show exactly where to aim. 2. Turn your poundage down to like 50 on your bow get a long stiff shaft arrow and Turkey broad head. Magnus and a few other sell kits with two arrows and broads ready to go. Best video to watch for this is Bowmar bow hunting on YouTube. He has a really good video going through the entire process on the decaputating broad heads and how to sight them in.

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    @Jake Thanks I have a bow hunting buddy said showed me pics of were to aim and said any expanding broadhead would work. My wife LOVES the Bowmars and we watch their YouTube channel, I actually saw the video your talking about!

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    @Zach no problem and good luck!

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    @Zach body shooting is best I aim for the base of the wing bone. The Broadhead I shoot is the Zeus Broadhead it tears them up! Here is an old video of a couple Kill shots.

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    Mechanical broadheads ( at least 1 1/2” cut )definitely and do body shots

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    Just don’t try it, huh @Zac

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    Both are correct man. Research the vitals of a turkey for a body shot from different angles because that may surprise you. Head shots are awesome and if you’re comfortable with your shooting and want a up close kill the Magnus bullhead or gobbler guillotine broadheads decapitate the turkeys! Other than that a standard fixed blade is my preference (Muzzy MX-3) but a mechanical will be just as effective

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    I have killed lots of turkeys with bow an crossbow they are correct which type of broadheads an a good placement shot is behind the leg or wing butt this will flop them for sure if you break that wing they can’t fly if take there legs out they can’t do anything you got this good luck

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    For the broad heads use the ones that have blades that come out

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    Something to think about with archery turkeys, put your decoys way closer to your blind that you would if you were shotgunning. And imo the best shot is full strut, facing asset from you, you can shoot right at the base of the fan.

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    I aim at the body because there’s a whole lot more room for error. Not that you want to put a poor shot on an animal, but the vitals are larger than the neck/head. Like others said, just research where to aim for a bird that’s front-facing, rear-facing, broadside, full-strut, etc. It’s not as daunting a task as it may seem. And I use Grim Reaper Whitetail Special Razor Cuts. They are mechanicals with a wide cut. Mechanicals typically fly truer to your field points, which is preferable when shooting at a small target. Just make sure that turkey is CLOSE. I know “close” is a relative term because everyone’s abilities are different, so whatever “close” means to you. For me, inside of 20 yards would be close for a turkey. Good luck!

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    As someone who’s hunted them bow only for 10+ years, shot placement shot placement and again shot placement. Get on YouTube watch as many videos as you can. I prefer big expandables, 1 because it will literally cut the head off, 2 if you vital shoot it not in the head they go 5-10 ft and are done. It’s easier than you think man. And you’ve already got some right and wrong comments. Pm me if you want some help.

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    @Jesse lmao. Dude you gotta start somewhere. Just like anything and anyone else.

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