Bow Hunting Toads: A Rush!

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Black Bear

  • 0
  • 419 lbs
  • 89
    body length (in)
  • 0
    land type
  • 43
    distance (yards)
  • 13
    skull length (in)
  • 19
    skull width (in)
  • Chris's avatar

    Wow, I’m sure that’s super intense.

  • Dirt Road's avatar

    Nice shooting 😎👊

  • Shane's avatar

    @Chris it sure can be!

  • Shane's avatar

    @Dirt I have to the result of a miss might leave me in pieces 🤣

  • Naid's avatar

    That is big one was it hard to kill it

  • Shane's avatar

    @Naid one shot through the pump station ! Ran 20 yards ! Was the hunt hard? It’s all about paying your dues my friend

  • Naid's avatar

    Were is this

  • Brad's avatar

    Big ol’ bear!

  • Ferg's avatar

    Outstanding dude, congrats Shane

  • Naid's avatar


  • Heather's avatar

    Alright I've got to be the smartass here Shane, but that's one funny looking toad......last I knew toad didn't have fur and they wasn't very big either.........

  • Shane's avatar

    @Heather 🤣 a smart ass in every crowd lol I call every big animals a toad... figure of speach in the hunting world

  • Heather's avatar

    @Shane I figured it was but still had to give you shit for it

  • Shane's avatar

    @Heather 😂👍🏻

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Shane M


“The Maniac “ ~ Husband ~ Father of 4~ Bow Hunting Maniac ~ Stewart of the Woods BoneManiacs Podcast #huntlikeamaniac #bonemaniacs #WatchingNow: "Bone Maniacs"

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