Bobcat Hunting Success Despite Snowstorm: DNA Sample Collected

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    10 days of snow???!!!! In TEXAS ???? I am in New York and I wore a damn short sleeve shirt today. Mother Nature is totally confused lately.

  • Roger's avatar

    @Joseph that’s our government engineered weather

  • Rowdy's avatar

    He’s out working in Commiefornia last I heard.

  • Mike's avatar

    10 days of snow!!! I’d be jumpin for joy.

  • Shorty's avatar

    @Joseph I’ve been doing some work out in California.

  • Shorty's avatar

    @Mike I’ll do my best to send it your way. I hate tromping around in that stuff if I don’t absolutely have to.

  • Joseph's avatar

    @Shorty ahh. Out there tagging cats ??

  • Shorty's avatar

    @Joseph yes sir

  • Joseph's avatar

    Awesome. Good luck. Share some videos if you can.

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Shorty G

New Mexico

Full time hunting guide at Escondido Hunting’s Folsom, New Mexico location. Mountain Lion hunts are my specialty.

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