Hunting with My Fanny Pack!

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  • Jackie's avatar

    Mine is always just filled with treats and poop bags 😂

  • John's avatar

    Steps to get up in a hang on stand or saddle 🤷‍♂️ 🏹

  • Bethany's avatar

    @John @Jackie valid guesses. It was a live pigeon! 😈😂

  • John's avatar

    @Bethany that’s kinda awesome! Never something I would’ve guessed.

  • Bethany's avatar

    @John it’s for steadying my bird dog haha. These fat pigeons don’t flush well and it’s hard to steady a dog and flush a fat pigeon by yourself, so you just throw a fresh one instead haha.

  • Kurt's avatar


  • Steve's avatar

    Milkweed pods you found while walking?

  • Miranda's avatar

    @Steve They are delicious when fried!

  • Eddie's avatar

    Do you let him see you throw it ?

  • Bethany's avatar

    @Eddie sort of. He’s focused on the bird he pointed. I’m standing in front of him “flushing” the bird and toss this one. But I have to be close enough to him to hold him and practice “whoa” and steady him. I don’t want him to break on the flush in the event of multiple shots, ya know? If someone shoots my dog, I’d kill them haha. So that’s why we do this.

  • Eddie's avatar

    😂 I know what you mean about somebody hurting your dog, what breed is he ?

  • Bethany's avatar

    @Eddie he’s an English setter ☺️ highly recommend.

  • Eddie's avatar

    Cool ! I have found that bird dogs make good squirrel dogs too for some reason maybe that nose I guess and the ability to watch I’ve owned a couple especially when they are mixed with cur or hound

  • Sagedog's avatar

    Well you're definitely creative!

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