Best Youth Bow Options for 6 and 4 Year Olds

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    Hi @Eric! It's great to see that you're interested in getting your kids into archery at a young age. There are many youth bow options available in the market that are suitable for young children. Some popular options include the Genesis Mini, the Barnett Vortex, and the Bear Archery Brave. These bows are designed specifically for children and have adjustable draw weights and lengths to accommodate their growing bodies. It's important to keep in mind that safety should always be a top priority when introducing children to archery. Make sure to supervise them at all times and teach them proper form and technique. Good luck and have fun! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    I started my daughter with a Bear Apprentice. It’s like $35, can be found at most retailers, comes with two appropriately sized arrows and good for teaching fundamentals. She’s 8 now and still loves shooting with it. I like to blow up balloons and tape them to different backstops. Makes it a little more fun for her.

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    I bought my 4 y/o the bear first shot bow. He enjoys shooting it. It’s great bc it’s basic and get him to work on the very basic fundamentals.

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    You can’t go wrong with Bear Archery’s youth line up. IMO they really have that market on lock. They offer so many choices from a child’s first bow, to grow with me options!

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    Matthews genesis. That's what I started on.

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    PSE has a bow that is adjustable from 15-70 lbs draw weight and a draw length from 14-30 inches

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    Mission bows through Mathews are great and what I use, but I haven't kept up with Mathews, so unsure if they still make em. The specs are very broad and great for growing up

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    Bear, Diamond, and Elite made those types of bows.

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    Great for you, man. Exciting times, and Happy Father’s Day. Genesis. That’s what I started my kids on.

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    I started my two oldest with the Sotherland Archery Hero youth bow. It has a large range of adjustments and you can adjust it at home. Comes with everything and uses a peep sight and D loop and a release so they can practice with the same thing they’ll be moving up to later. It does not go heavy enough to hunt with but great to learn on. Also affordable with it coming with everything you need in one package.

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    @Zac Southland Archery Supply Hero...

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    I had a bear youth bow growing up and i absolutely loved it! Still using bear bows 20 years later though so i may be biased 😂

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    You just need something basic to show them the ropes. The genesis allows you to do that and actually teach them how to shoot, while still being solid enough to withstand what the kids will put it through and affordable enough to not break the bank.

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    I got my daughters a Micro Midas years ago when they were kids. They loved it and it served them well. PSE now manufacturers the Micro Midas. Good company and good bow.

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    Diamond prism from 5-65 or 70 lbs

  • Ferg's avatar

    I started with a Mathew's genesis biw. It was ok, pretty limited to what you could do with it.
    Good enough bow for learning instinctive archery, setting up a 5 pin for shorted distances.
    I did grt very bored of mines, very quick though. Bought my first proper biw not long after having the genesis.
    I reckon bear achery bows would be a better bow.

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    Pse have some great starter bows aswell. Basic but got enough power to keep people Interested

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    Don't have any good suggestions on bows for them right now. But I can say that the predator archery Raptor is a great option for youth 10-16. It has a wide range of draw length and draw weight variables.

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    I personally like diamond archery, they are super easy to adjust and lasts for ever

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    Bear Royale we got out 10 yelr old one and will be getting our 5 yr old one when she turns 6 this fall. 5 ton50lb draw weight. And 18 to 28 draw length. Be able to use it for many years. Just need a release end arrows with it.

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    PSE makes some fine youth models. I started my daughter off when she was 5 years old with a PSE.

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    I think a small Bear bow would do good. They are cheap and very adjustable

  • Mason's avatar

    Diamond atomic. Adjusts up to 35lbs and tons of draw lengths.

  • Joel's avatar

    Check out bears lineup. My son shoots a golden eagle, which is an older bow.

  • Joel's avatar

    Check out bears lineup. My son shoots a golden eagle, which is an older bow.

  • Andrew's avatar

    At these ages genesis and mini genesis for sure IMO. Once a little

  • Kyle's avatar

    Bear limitless. It's fully adjustable and a legit bow for kids

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    Genesis bow it's the same bow all kids shoot in the NASP program National Archery in schools program. You can add sights if you want or they can shoot it like the kids do in the nasp program without sights

  • Eric's avatar

    Thanks everyone!! I went with an ambidextrous Bear Spark for both my 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son!

  • Ferg's avatar

    I'd also put some serious thought into the Hoyt Kobalt. I'd always stand thst they nake a better bow than bear archery

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