Best Baits and Techniques for Catching Bass at Taylorsville Lake Tournament

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    @Jacob any advice for Grayson?

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    @Grayson Taylorsville has healthy populations of threadfin shad, bluegill and crappie. Crankbaits in those patterns will be good to have. Last time I was out there in the spring, I got bit with a bluegill swim jig and a paddletail swimbait trailer. I’d recommend green with a chartreuse tail either outta the bag or dipped. Lastly, while I haven’t caught many big fish out there, an orange and gray or orange and green crawfish jigged shallow can work. Be prepared for dirty water.

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    @Jacob Thanks for the advice I will try that

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    @Jacob great intel… now do Northern Illinois. Lol

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    @Jim green pumpkin anything 😂

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    @Jacob approved!

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    Good luck today!

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    Crankbait Fishing

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    I'm not familiar with that lake, but if I was you I would try a deep diving crank bait, some soft plastics and then some top water baits. It's still early in the year so whatever bait you choose to throw slow down your presentation. When you think your going slow enough. Go slower. The bass are still pretty lethargic this time of year. I wish you luck in your upcoming tournament.

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