Best Baits and Line for Pike Fishing: Tips from an Expert Angler

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    I usually use 12 lbs test line. Lures that work well for me are Rapala Shad Raps, Bomber Long A's or equivalent, #5 Mepps spinner's, and Mepps Syclops or Dardevle spoons. If you think you have a shot at something over 36" go heavier on the line.

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    @David ok thanks dude

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    Good luck and hand on. It's a blast when they hit next to the boat.

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    I’ve always had the best luck with live bait. Especially live bait from wear you’re fishing for pike. Makes sure you check your regs.

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    Good luck!

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    Live bait never fails, big minnows with a big bobber works well or second best in my opinion is a red and white daredevil. They’ll also hammer spinner baits and crank baits! I’d use 12 lb test with a nylon leader. Good luck!

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    Pike eat when they’re hungry or angry. Any lure with flash will anger them into biting. Spinnerbaits, or spoons give a flash that annoys them.

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