Fox Hunt on Tree Talkin Time

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    Absolutely AWESOME cool!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🦊🐕🐎

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    @Robert Forrest nope this was right up around home. We have multiple fox hunting clubs in my area

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    @Robert Forrest yes it is called Tree Talkin’ Time and is available almost everywhere you can find podcasts

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    @Robert Forrest cool, if I could ride a horse a little better I think it’d be cool to do but I’d fall off and hurt myself lol

  • Ben's avatar

    @Robert Forrest wow I don’t blame you and honestly they scare the crap outta me as well. I hate the spookiness and unpredictability. Give me a herd of cattle over a horse lol.

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    @Robert Forrest wow that sounds terrible and I agree cattle are way more predictable. If they are coming for ya it’s not hard to tell lol

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    @Robert Forrest glad she pulled through!

  • Jared's avatar

    Great pictures. After studying the pics of these hounds I am intrigued. Their confirmation and color make me think they have some tree hound blood in them.

  • Ben's avatar

    @Jared they are pennmarydels which are basically just a mixed up foxhound from this region. I wouldn’t doubt if years ago there was some bluetick, English coonhound, or black and tan coonhound in there. This pack doesn’t have any black and tans but another local pack is almost all black and tan/ high tan

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