Believing in the Elusive Panther of the Appalachian Mountains: Are You a Believer?

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    You should to send one of those to Si Roberts. 😆

  • Drew's avatar

    What do you think?

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    Very much so since I’ve had encounters with them. Personally do not care for the Bear magazine dude that mocks anyone that says they’ve seen one. If you search Black panther in South Carolina, click on the video that the thumbnail is a night vision photo. Was taken on an army training facility in South Carolina by the gunner on a tank. I had to turn the sound off because of the language, but you can clearly see a large black cat with a long tail and when the cat climbs up the tall fence, he’s covers the height of the fence.

  • Brandon's avatar

    @John lol i bought 4 of them me and my 2 son in laws seen one while going coon hunting one night the other I bought to send to Uncle Si if i can figure out where to send it😂

  • John's avatar

    @Brandon that's awesome.

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    @PinBall sure is!

  • Brandon's avatar

    @RKE Nice!!!

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