Beginner's Guide to Turkey Hunting: Tips and Tricks for a Successful First Hunt

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  • John's avatar

    Watch the Hunting Public - Turkey hunting videos, they give you a ton of amazing tactics, equipment and a variety of additional info! Good luck out there!

  • Bryan's avatar

    Try and find a Turkey seminar to go to

  • James's avatar

    @John Thank you very much! I’ll definitely check out their stuff.

  • David's avatar

    @John The Southern Outdoorsman podcast is another great source of info. Especially for the south..

  • Nate's avatar

    Too much to say, work hard to find someone to take you! And good luck!

  • Loweboys's avatar

    Pattern your gun

  • John's avatar

    @David thanks for sharing brotha, gonna check it out!

  • Dan's avatar

    Find where they are. Roost em the evening before. Make a good guess as to where they go after they fly down, get brushed in good. I like a Jake decoy paired with breeding hen decoy. Start soft when calling. Make sure your gun is patterned good. Enjoy it!

  • Wes's avatar

    Cadence of your calls is very important

  • T's avatar

    James, if possible find an experienced mentor. Videos and podcasts help but a boots on the ground lesson with a serious turkey hunter is the best way.

  • Casey's avatar

    You can get away with a lot of movement inside a pop up blind & stay comfortable easily. (After knowing your pattern, & having a roost or strut area is helpful) keep decoys closer to the tent. 5-10yds is my preferred distance.

  • Randy's avatar

    Shoot your gun on paper. If possible sight it in but at the very least know where it’s hitting.

  • Jake's avatar

    Play around with all the calls. I drive around a lot at work and practice my mouth call. I listen to “Pro” callers and try to mimic. Also if you can find a good hide and stay patient a hot bird will usually come right in. They are keen with their eye sight. Good luck!

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