Becoming a Guide in Yellowstone National Park: Sharing My Love for the Outdoors with the World

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    @David Thank you!

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    Congratulations, you are living many folks dream lives including please keep us posted

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    Congratulations, Rachelle! What an amazing opportunity this is! I was blessed to spend 22 years as a Pennsylvania Wildlife Officer and 5 years as a Tennessee boating officer. “If God made a better job, He kept it for Himself ,” is a phrase I have used many times to describe my career in our natural world. I suspect strongly you could do the same.

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    That's awesome, I'd love to do that!

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    Sweet gig 🙌🏻

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    That’s awesome. I love that place. I want to take my wife, she’s never been. Congrats!

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    What a wonderful opportunity. Yellowstone is one of my favorite places.

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    @Gobbler That’s incredible insight. I’m just feeling honored to have been given the opportunity to do something I love.

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    @Brad Thank you! You definitely need to drag her out here. No place like it on Earth, but then again- I guess I’m biased.

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    Can’t think of a more perfect way call a career! Post plenty of pics from your days at work 🤠

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