Seek One's Big Woods Adventure

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  • Isaiah's avatar

    Did they record a video on the hunt?

  • Zach's avatar

    Looks like fun! Congrats to y'all!

  • Trevor's avatar

    Team effort, nice

  • Erin's avatar

    That buck was a fatty!

  • Clayton's avatar

    That’s awesome! Watch those guys all the time on YouTube

  • Brad's avatar

    Sounds like a good time!

  • Tyler's avatar

    Can’t wait to see the episode. Just listened to the podcast and enjoyed hearing their experience with trying deer drives which are a staple hunting here in northeast PA.

  • Beau's avatar

    @Isaiah yes they did! Should be out within a month I believe

  • Beau's avatar

    @Zach thanks!!!

  • Beau's avatar

    @Trevor thanks! It was a fun change of pace!

  • Beau's avatar

    @Erin yes he was!

  • Beau's avatar

    @Clayton the video should turn out cool!

  • Beau's avatar

    @Brad it was a great time with buddies!

  • Beau's avatar

    @Tyler glad you liked it! It was fun to show them an old tradition in PA!

  • Isaiah's avatar

    @Beau Martonik (East Meets West Hunt) That's awesome!

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