Epic Montana Spring Bear Hunt

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Black Bear

  • rifle
  • public
    land type
  • 275
    distance (yards)
  • James's avatar

    Congrats Beau on an awesome bear! Can’t wait to see what you get back from the tooth data! That ear tag adds even more to the cool story.

  • Josh's avatar

    Awesome hunt! Bonus with the ear tag info, looking forward to hearing it! Love glassing with my Mavens!

  • Joe's avatar

    Solid boar and super cool bonus about the ear tag and being relocated! Congrats!

  • Brian's avatar

    Hell yeah! Nice bear Beau. Can’t wait to hear about this one on the podcast

  • Robert's avatar

    Heck yeah Beau!!

  • Congratulations Beau on a great Bear

  • Beau's avatar

    @James thanks James! I can’t wait either

  • Beau's avatar

    @Josh thanks Josh! And ya man you can’t beat the mavens!!

  • Beau's avatar

    @Joe thanks Joe!!!

  • Beau's avatar

    @Brian thanks Brian! First part will drop tomorrow

  • Beau's avatar

    @Robert thanks Robert!!

  • Beau's avatar

    @Buffalo Thank you!!!

  • Zach's avatar

    Sweet man! Nice job.

  • Dan's avatar

    Congrats! That's definitely a bucket list hunt for me in the next few years.

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Beau M


❇️ Pennsylvania ❇️ Hunter ❇️ Freelance Outdoor Writer ❇️ Podcast Host - East Meets West Hunt https://linktr.ee/beau.martonik

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