Bear Hunting Tips: Cam Pics

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    Walk uphill on the way in and downhill on the way out with a heavy pack. Same applies to deer and elk. Those things are delicious.

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    Yeah i normally hunt deer turkey ducks geese upland etc

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    @GVS thank you. Yeah i normally hunt deer turkey geese ducks upland etc. this will be my first year.

  • Cody's avatar

    I drew a WI zone D bear tag this year. This is my first time getting drawn. Planning on baiting

  • Aubrey's avatar

    @Cody same exact situation for me! Good luck!

  • Garrett's avatar

    Is baiting legal where your hunting ?

  • Aubrey's avatar

    @Garrett yes. You can bait or run dogs. Trapping is illegal though.

  • Garrett's avatar

    Baiting bears helps a lot . My technique was to go to Dunkin’ Donuts or any local donut shop later in the night before they close as they usually throw away the donuts left over from the day . Take those . They make great bairn

  • Aubrey's avatar

    @Garrett i live sorta out in bfe but thats not a bad idea at all

  • Garrett's avatar

    @Aubrey 50 lb bags of corn mixed with molasses and bear cane is a cheap alternative too. Throw some kettle corn in there and your golden . And don’t start your baits to early not sooner then 3-4 weeks before opening day

  • Shawn's avatar

    Get some hounds

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