Beach Fishing Adventure: Catching Whiting and Spotting Dolphins, Sharks, and Rays

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fishing2H 30M
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    Derek- at night time, throw a live shrimp right on the outside of where the waves crash- you’ll be surprised what you’ll catch 5 yards away from dry land. I went last summer and my mistake was trying to get my bait way out. On the second night, I just flipped right off the beach and started catching all the “cool” stuff like permit and sheepshead. Permit fight like crazy!

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    That is a beautiful fish

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    @Brad if I can get out one night, I definitely will do that!

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    @RollTruck thank you.

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    @Derek 👍

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    Where are you fishing Derek?? Beautiful views.

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    @Jackie we're in Panama City Beach currently. Tried to get out again this morning, but very choppy and tons of algae. My lines were getting pushed all over the place and draped in algae. It just wasn't happening today unfortunately. Still have tomorrow morning though.

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    Hoping you have a better time tomorrow!

    I'm just glad @Dan let you leave the warehouse 😂

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    @Jackie it wasn't easy, but I was able to talk him into letting me go for a little while.

  • I’ve had lots of luck not casting out so far when your in the surf, if you know how to read the waves and such.

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Derek T


Part time at GoWild, full time Firefighter/EMT. I'm a hunter, angler, outdoorsman, conservationist and novice trapper. Love spending time worshipping God in the outdoors. BHA Member Ducks Unlimited Member Kentucky Wild Member NWTF Member Trout Unlimited Member Whitetails Unlimited Member

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