Bass Fishing in Shallow Ponds

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    I’m a fan of a few different things. Chatterbaits have been working well for me. I also love creature craw baits like the missile D-bomb, the sweet beaver, and the strike king rage bug. In the evenings and mornings I have a lot of success with black topwater frogs and black Buzzbaits. I hope that helps and good luck out there!

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    @Brayden yes thank you

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    I’ve been hitting some ponds up in the evenings. We’ve been having good luck with a whopper plopper & rebel pop r baits. I’ve been wanting to try a frog, just haven’t thrown one yet.

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    I would throw a chatterbait or a plopper for topwater. In water i would try a craw also just like brayden suggested.

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    Ok thanks

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    Chatterbaits, lipless cranks, and a senko worm have been my go to lures.

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    Should this work

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    Curly tails are working good for me

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    Top water because the fish can see and hear it better

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    I like to use mini craws. They are usually successful

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    I like to use some frogs or jigs for shady ponds/lakes but if it is really sunny I like to use a rooster tail or chatter bait

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    shad or top water

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    I just used live frogs in a lake it might work in the pond

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