Balancing Spring Brandings and Turkey Hunting: A Hunter's Dilemma

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  • Lisa's avatar

    Complete respect to you, Dallas! You and Nate have a tough & time consuming lifestyle....but I have to say that I believe the majority of people on the planet truly admire ranching. I'd almost give anything to live that way, but I am unsure I'm strong enough. Takes grit and perseverance to push though hard times like this past winter, I know. In perspective, hunting is nice and all...and I'm sure you'll grab the chance when it appears.....however, what you guys are doing is of more value, if you ask me.
    (Thanks for the tag🙏 Prayers for you and your family; as well as those you tagged, every night, when I don't pass out first)

  • Lisa's avatar

    Fantastic photos!

  • David's avatar

    Definitely a time and life consuming pursuit ranching is. It'd be a great experience to see and do. I have great respect for what you and @Nate do.

  • Mike's avatar

    Thank God for cowboys! Not only do you feed the world, you tame it! We certainly appreciated you sharing the ranch, make sure you enjoy the bounty as much as you can yourselves 🦃🦌

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    We appreciated the time you took to share a campfire with us given how busy you guys are. No kidding, @Dallas & @Nate . You guys are top shelf!

  • Dallas's avatar

    @Lisa thanks for the prayers.

  • Dallas's avatar

    @David thanks.

  • Dallas's avatar

    @Mike we try to enjoy the bounty it’s just some seasons are harder to take advantage of than others. We do enjoy sharing the ranch with others. It gives others the opportunity to see how we live.

  • Dallas's avatar

    @Gobbler thanks, I don’t know about top shelf but we sure enjoyed having you.

  • Dallas's avatar

    @Lisa it sure makes us appreciate the days we do get to hunt because it seems like there’s always something to do on the ranch.

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Dallas D


Rancher, Christian, I’ve guided elk hunters in the Rockies, I’ve hunted all my life and I love Browning firearms. I can also help anyone with purchasing hunting or agriculture properties in Nebraska or South Dakota. Check us out at and let us help.

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