Balancing Plumbing with Outdoor Adventures: How I Make It Work

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  • Wade's avatar

    Very nice work brother. I’m a plumber/electrician/carpenter/ everything else in construction. I’m job superintendent for a construction company

  • Down Jersey's avatar

    @Wade thank you sir

  • Bobby's avatar

    Nice work, I’m a door and hardware project manager for a distributor in Ga

  • Chuck's avatar

    Was an ag lender for 22 years but retired two weeks ago!!!!

  • Down Jersey's avatar

    @Chuck congratulations

  • Chuck's avatar

    @John thank you John it’s a very weird feeling so far but looking forward to the next chapter

  • Frank's avatar

    Vice President of a commercial roofing company in sw Missouri looks like you do some good looking work.

  • Down Jersey's avatar

    @Frank boilers are my thing and thank you

  • Corey's avatar

    Design distribution and transmission powerlines.

  • Ricky's avatar

    Residential Carpenter everything from the block up, except hvac and plumbing.

  • Kingham's avatar

    I’m a trash truck driver. Pay is great and hours are too. I start early and get off early which works for the family and time in the woods and on the water.

  • Down Jersey's avatar

    @Kingham and good Bennie’s

  • Jesse's avatar

    Flour miller!

  • Joshua's avatar

    Work for Church & Dwight making cat litter and laundry detergent and run a vacuum cleaner repair shop with my wife.

  • Down Jersey's avatar

    @Joshua we have a church and Dwight in Jersey

  • Joshua's avatar

    @John corporate HQ is there

  • Zach's avatar

    Tree removal and tree care. Also help a guy part time with renovations.

  • Hunter's avatar

    Self-Employed trim carpenter in residential construction! Pays to be your own boss when you got a hunting addiction 😂

  • Brandon's avatar

    Street & Sanitation foreman at a local town. Awesome benefits, so close to home, and time off has made me stay in it. The pay & politics are 👎🏼

  • Aaron's avatar

    @John damn dude, save some for the rest of us😂

  • Wes's avatar

    Stage manager

  • Zach's avatar

    Im a crane operator in southeast TN at a wood mill and still hep my old boss framing houses some. I work a weird 12 hour swing shift and only have to work half the month every month, so the time off is awesome. Great pay and benefits…awesome company.

  • Damien's avatar

    I powder coat at a wheel repair shop.

  • Ricky's avatar

    Just finished up a farm around 18,000 ft. Speck Ridge fencing LLC

  • Pete's avatar

    I build interiors for these things.

  • Down Jersey's avatar

    @Pete pretty bad ass

  • Alana's avatar

    I've been a rookie editor/proofreader for a publishing company, Christian Light, for the past two years. Mostly working in curriculum development for Christian private schools and homeschools. Just took a break from that and plan to take up schoolteaching next term.

  • David's avatar

    Building maintenance for a local school district.

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