Bagging My First Deer with a Traditional Bow: A Thrilling Weekend of Hunting

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Whitetail Buck

  • recurve bow
  • 10
    antler tines
  • ground / blind
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  • 5
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    Congratulations on your 1st bow buck, Dan! It's not easy to hunt without all the bells and whistles of a compound. Respect. I shoot my compound instinctively and it has nothing on it. When I heard Ted Nugent say he use to shoot that way, I thought I'd try. I bought my bow and the shop wanted to start putting things on it ($$ in their pockets-ha) and they seemed disappointed and also were probably rolling their eyes when I told them I had no plans to add it. This is getting long, sorry. But I've only had the opportunity to shoot at am elk. I wasn't thinking clear (was distracted) and I wasn't aiming small. I missed. I enjoyed the opportunity though and lesson learned.
    Welcome to the GoWild Fam and hope you enjoy this great community.

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    Thanks yeah I’m loving this site, people liked minded as me and I can talked outdoors all day! I used to shoot compound and then fell in love with traditional bow hunting. We will always have animals that we miss but that’s part of hunting and part learning too.

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Dan S

South Dakota

Husband, and father first and foremost.Traditional bow hunting is my passion, rifle hunting fills the freezer. Pheasant hunting is also a big passion of mine here in SD. I enjoy fishing and kayaking when I have the time.

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