Bagging my Best Buck Yet: Kendall's 2023 Muzzleloader Success

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Whitetail Buck

  • muzzleloader
  • ladder stand
    setup type
  • 19
    antler spread (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 85
    distance (yards)
  • John's avatar

    What an awesome looking deer!!

  • Brad's avatar

    I would have died if that walked out! Congrats.

  • Tyler's avatar

    Congratulations 💪💪

  • Wayne's avatar

    Congrats man, what a beast. Was his own antler cutting into his neck?

  • Kendall's avatar

    @John thanks man

  • Kendall's avatar

    @Brad thank you. I almost did lol

  • Kendall's avatar

    @Wayne yes, he had been chasing does and it seemed to be rubbing while he ran

  • Robert's avatar


  • Bradley's avatar

    Beautiful buck congratulations!

  • Nick's avatar

    Congrats bud, that’s an awesome buck!

  • Doug's avatar

    Unreal buck holy cow congrats!!

  • Kendall's avatar

    @Bradley thanks man

  • Kendall's avatar

    @Nick appreciate it

  • Kendall's avatar

    @Doug thank you

  • Chad's avatar

    That is an awesome deer

  • Kendall's avatar

    @Chad thank you

  • Barry's avatar


  • Isaac's avatar

    Holy guacamole!

  • Ron's avatar


  • Chris's avatar

    FREAKSHOW !!! Nice one !!

  • Luke's avatar

    Amazing any rough score on it ?

  • James's avatar

    @Brad me too,

  • James's avatar

    That is a million dollar buck , Congratulations

  • Aaron's avatar

    Wow, what a beautiful non-typical

  • Brooke's avatar

    Congratulations 👏🎉 beautiful buck!

  • James's avatar

    Whoa! That is one gnarly lookin stag!

  • Colter's avatar

    Man that is one of the best deer I have ever seen

  • Joey's avatar

    Stud! Congratulations

  • Wally's avatar

    Great Buck !!

  • Jake's avatar

    Awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  • Andrew's avatar

    Wow that’s amazing!!! Congratulations🎉

  • DavidM's avatar

    The antlers…

  • DavidM's avatar

    @DavidM wow

  • Joe's avatar

    Awesome Buck Congratulations

  • Aaron's avatar

    How many points?

  • That’s a phenomenal Buck. Congratulations

  • Jeremiah's avatar

    Goodness gracious that’s an amazing buck nice job

  • Mitchell's avatar


  • Kendall's avatar

    @Luke 240 even

  • Kendall's avatar

    @Colter thanks man

  • Kendall's avatar

    @James thank you

  • Greg's avatar

    Great buck for southeast Oklahoma

  • Robert's avatar

    That's incredible

  • Kendall's avatar

    @Greg how’d you know it was southeast?

  • Greg's avatar

    @Kendall is don’t know if it is, I was just saying if it was that is a great one I live in southeastern Oklahoma and have only seen a handfull of bucks like that around here

  • Kendall's avatar

    @Greg it is. Good guess lol

  • Larry's avatar

    Man what an amazing buck!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Harold's avatar

    Wow! Awesome buck! Congratulations!

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Kendall M


I enjoy running hounds, hunting white tail in the fall and chasing turkeys in the spring.

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