Bagging a Wisconsin Public Land Giant: The Chadalac Buck with a 192 Gross Score

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  • Donovan's avatar

    😳 holy crap

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Donovan lol yeah. Unreal

  • Randy's avatar

    Oh my gosh what a stud. Congrats on a buck of a life time.

  • Mike's avatar

    Pic #9 had me laughing so hard, what an absolute giant.

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Mike lol me too.

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Randy for sure

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Mike the Chadalac buck

  • Jon's avatar

    Nice buck Congrats !

  • Mike's avatar

    @Jimmy I’m assuming his name is Chad🤣. Perfect name for that buck. Or maybe the Chadalac Mack, haha

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Mike lol yeah his name is chad.

  • Zack's avatar

    Wow! Congrats Jimmy!

  • Goood god man. That thing is one helluva swamp donkey

  • Bruce's avatar

    Wow thanks for sharing and congrats.

  • Brian's avatar

    That is a monster, congratulations, love the pic with the little one sitting.

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Zack wish it was mine!! Lol

  • Derek's avatar

    Congratulations to him on this warlock of a buck!

  • Brad's avatar

    Wow that is a freaky wide buck

  • Jamie's avatar

    Wow!! Congrats!!

  • Billy's avatar


  • Mike's avatar

    Wow! That is a giant!! Congrats

  • Chrystal's avatar


  • Lee's avatar


  • Mike's avatar

    Nice Buck Congratulations

  • Kevin's avatar

    Wow. Beautiful kill. Congrats.

  • Russell's avatar

    Congratulations! What county?

  • Justin's avatar


  • Cable's avatar

    Congrats on the buck!!!

  • AJ's avatar

    That is amazing

  • Elias's avatar

    Awesome buck! Congratulations

  • Clint 's avatar

    Definitely a brute

  • Jacob's avatar

    Congrats on the awesome buck!

  • Kevin's avatar

    Congrats, what a monster...

  • Justin's avatar

    That’s awesome. And with a Bow! Even better!!!

  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats chad! You lucky sob

  • Randy's avatar

    Awesome deer, congratulations.

  • Joseph's avatar

    What an Awesome experience...congrats

  • Daniel's avatar

    Nice one

  • Pam's avatar

    Awesome kill

  • Ricky's avatar

    Jesus man... Congrats!!!!

  • Derek's avatar


  • David's avatar

    That is an awesome buck! Congrats to him.

  • Brad's avatar

    Poor Jimmy’s phone 😂

  • Steve's avatar

    That’s a MEGA GIANT!!!

  • Elijah's avatar


  • Steve's avatar

    I’d retire. Can’t get any better. Wow

  • Mike's avatar

    Very nice

  • Ben's avatar

    You sure that is a deer and not some rare form of elk?

  • Michael's avatar


  • Gabriel's avatar

    Congratulations!! Dynamite buck!!

  • Christian's avatar

    Holy crap dude that’s awesome

  • Rachel's avatar

    Great job! Little Annie will understand in several years when she is out there with you.

  • Thane's avatar

    That's a dandy!

  • Matt's avatar


  • Andy's avatar

    Hunting with a bow and arrow is the either get that or you dont. If you get that...then that makes this Buck even more special. When your part of that brotherhood you truly understand what it takes and that is a lot of hard work. Congratulations!!

  • Danny's avatar

    So D@m& beautiful

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Brad 🤣🤣🤣 it’s all good

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Russell not sure. Don’t think he’d disclose that info lol

  • Tracy's avatar

    Wow, awesome buck and from public land at that

  • Larry's avatar

    Wow what a buck!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  • Howie's avatar

    Whoa! That's incredible!

  • Brian's avatar

    Sweet congrats

  • Pete's avatar

    Whoa.. did you shit yourself!! Insane, beautiful buck

  • Ice Fishing's avatar

    Holy mackerel! It’s like someone said, “Draw a cartoon deer and spare nothing on the antlers.” What a stud!!!!

  • Denise's avatar

    WOW...what a great buck on public land. Super hard to find here in So WI.

  • Rick's avatar

    What a stud!

  • Bruce's avatar

    That’s a monster.

  • Garrett's avatar

    Huge congrats man that’s an awesome buck!

  • Kyle's avatar

    That is spectacular and me being from Wisconsin as well and hunting on public land ever since I can remember, makes this even more impressive. I haven’t hunted, nor have I lived in Wisconsin in a very long time. Congratulations on an awesome bow season.

  • Russell's avatar

    @Jimmy the county? I wasn’t asking for the coordinates lol 😂

  • Mike's avatar

    Judging by the number of upvotes, apparently size matters, lol

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Mike 😂😂

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Russell I honestly don’t know man. Not my buck. People are weird like that though lol. I’m sure it’ll be disclosed once all the actual scoring is done. I’ll keep you posted

  • Russell's avatar

    @Jimmy all good my man. :)

  • Madie's avatar

    Holy crap...good job bub!!

  • Ross's avatar

    Dang man! Thats a Monster Buck!!

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