Bagging a Buck on the Last Day of Rifle Season: Hunting Success with a Tripod

  • Logan's avatar

    Hell yeah man! Congrats!

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Logan thanks buddy!

  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats man! He’s carrying that mass all of the way up👍👊

  • Awesome Buck! Congratulations!

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    Well done, man!!

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Mike thanks dude!

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Stephen thanks bud.

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Gobbler thank you!

  • @Jacob Yes Sir, your welcome!

  • Mike's avatar

    Great buck! Congratulations. I have been shooting pretty much my whole life and have absolute confidence in my rifle. But, I use a shooting stick whenever I can to reduce the human error. I agree with you. Makes a big difference

  • David's avatar

    Now thats brining it down to the wire! How you didn't get busted being on foot guess we'll never know. Chalk it up to it was meant to be. Really nice thick mains on him. Congratulations on a really nice stud of a buck! 🦌👍👊

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Mike nothing beats a really solid base. It was a huge help.

  • Jacob's avatar

    @David yeah man, I’m pretty pumped about this deer. Thanks.

  • Jarrett's avatar

    Congrats. Great story

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Jarrett thanks.

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    Yessirrrrr 👊

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Donovan thanks buddy!

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    Heck of a buck! Congrats!

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Will thanks man!

  • John's avatar

    Congrats on the kill 👊

  • Jacob's avatar

    @John thank you

  • Robert's avatar

    Nice one

  • Eric's avatar

    Great job.

  • Maverick's avatar

    Nice buck

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  • Jacob's avatar

    @Review thank you!

  • Jeff's avatar

    Nice deer

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  • Deerhunterscott's avatar

    Excellent pic!!!

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Jacob K


Director of Strategic Partnerships for GoWild A bike riding, trail running angler who thinks he’s a hunter from time to time. I love spending time with my wife and 3 kids outside and learning new hobbies. I have legitimate rock skipping skills.

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