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    So you are doing the 6-day a week routine? I was contemplating between the three day or 6-day routine. The air squats are going to be brutal on me since I can barely walk after doing 200 lunges yesterday! 😂

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    @Travis well I’m honestly probably gonna play it by ear. I don’t love 6 day programs. I don’t believe in working out on the weekend if I’ve already worked out every day if the weekday 😂. I’ll see how my legs are in the morning - which I can tell you they are BAD already from the two workouts back to back. So I may take tomorrow off. I haven’t seen what tomorrows workout is. If it’s legs, I likely will take a break. And then just pick back up on day 3 on Thursday. Keep going. I likely won’t have a set day I do each workout. But I’ll just keep going day 1,2,3.

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    @Arica I am probably going to have to do the 3-day a week routine since our farm lifestyle keeps me active as it is. I had already climbed 45 flights of stairs checking our trapline yesterday and then split a bunch of wood (no mechanical wood splitters at our house) before I even started my workout. I am probably going to have to do every other day just so I have the strength and energy to do what needs to be done around the farm daily. 😁

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Arica J

Director of Member Experiences @ GoWild Camping // Gardening // Family // Kayaking // Newbie to Bass Fishing // First Time Hunter in 2020 😊

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