Are these pictures of rubs found along a game trail?

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  • Mike's avatar

    Yep…. That first one looks like a velvet rub from this year. The 2nd one looks ancient and number 3 looks like last years.

  • Zach's avatar

    I’d say the first two are for sure. Like Mike…the first looks fresh as this year, the second from a season in the past sometime ago, but the third I’m not sure about…kind of looks like the tree may be dying and the bark flaking off. I think I can see bark coming off all the way down flush to the ground. If it’s a rub it wouldn’t be stripped all the way to the ground. It could be one though. Pictures don’t always show what your eyes can see in person.

  • Arica's avatar

    @Mike @Zach thanks guys! Great feedback - I’m learning!

  • Wade's avatar

    Definitely rubs. Like the other guys said two look old one is new. Finding old rubs like that are usually a guarantee there will be new ones there this year. Keep going back there and checking. One of the main things I look for in a new place during the summer scouting is old rubs

  • Wayne's avatar

    Easy way to tell if they are fresh rubs from this year is if the tree doesn't have any sign of mildew growing on the exposed wood. Also look for fresh shavings laying in top of the leaves. These are pretty good indicators if they are using these or if they are older rubs.

  • Robert's avatar

    Rubs for sure!

  • Shawn's avatar

    First one possibly. The other two. Trees are dead and barks coming off

  • Jacob's avatar

    All three are are rubs

  • Rob's avatar

    First one is definitely a fresh rub. I'd be hunting that area pretty hard this year if I was you. Concrete evidence you got a buck in the area.

  • Kyle's avatar

    Only number 3 is distinctly a rub, but last year's rub. 1 &2 are just rotten, but may be the result of rubs in years gone by. Look for a rub that looks FRESH. Like maybe still has wet sap in it.

  • Kyle's avatar

    THIS is a nice fresh rub I found last year. When you have that sawdust on TOP of the leaf litter you know it's fresh

  • Arica's avatar

    @Kyle your pic is helpful! Thank you!

  • Asher's avatar

    The first one looks pretty fresh

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