Appreciating the Beauty: Spotting a Majestic Cottonmouth in the Wild

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Question For The Community
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    Like non venomous snakes I'd let them live as they have their place in nature. Get a nice picture if I can and leave them be.🐍

  • Hunter's avatar

    @David my thoughts exactly!

  • Chuck's avatar

    Kill them on sight and this is why. Rattle snake bite on one of our bulls.

  • Sean's avatar

    Admire them, safely take a pic, and then we go our separate ways!

  • Logan's avatar

    Depends on where there at near your animal and house kill on sight but anywhere else on the property leave them alone. I live in MN so we don’t have venomous snakes they only exist in southern MN and only one kind super rare to even run into one but there there.

  • RollTruck's avatar

    I would kill a venomous snake because I have almost been bitten by a rattlesnake

  • John's avatar

    Kill on site

  • Samuel's avatar

    It depends

  • Dallas's avatar

    If they’re venomous I kill on sight.

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Hunter W


I’m an average joe that grew up hunting and fishing in Indiana with my father. The hobby turned into a lifestyle and here I am today with my wife and our best friend Robert hunting, fishing, and filming for Venture Hunt & Fish.

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