Anna's Turkey Hunting Adventure

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    Sounds like your doing awesome! I’m hoping I can put in time like that Saturday when our season comes in 🦃 How was the first solo turkey hunt?

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    @John I’m still in the current situation. I haven’t seen any turkeys but I have patterned two crows and a hawk that live in the area. I have seen them here every day and I find it quite funny. Two deer and a random otter. I have never seen a wild otter so I am very ecstatic! Even though I’m teaching from home because of COVID, right now is technically my “spring break”. Good luck next week! I hope you’re successful!

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    @Anna keep after it and good luck! I’ve never seen an otter while hunting either that’s cool. My wife’s a teacher and she’s having to do the online teaching. It’s definitely a lot different and I think it’s harder for her since we have 2 kiddos that want to set on top of her every time she sets down! Lol! Thank you 🦃 I just can’t hardly wait until Saturday!!! Enjoy your spring break, and hope you connect on a turkey or two this week as well.

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    Are you going after them or sitting in a blind and waiting? Any decoys out?

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    @Rick I’ve been going after them for the first 3 days. The decoys were stored in my blind so I’m in here for the morning. I’m ol

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    @Rick I’ve been going after them hard for the first 3 days. My decoys were stored in the blind so I stuck it out here for the morning. I’m super creaky already at the age of 29 so I’m resting this morning. 😂

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    Que in Eminem “lose yourself “ and keep stepping!

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