Big Boy Cat Caught!

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trapping2H 0M
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    Congratulations, that is a huge cat!

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    Way go young lady nice cat

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    I just joined and this was the first post I seen.. Kool picture.. this reminds me of i place were I use to eat lunch all the time in Belfield North Dakota the place was called Trappers Kettle the had pictures for every year dating all the way back to Lewis & Clarke 's mapping of the North Western Territory of the trapper of the year. Around lunch time they offered a buffet and it was pretty awesome in itself because it was made out of a canoe and all of the food on the buffet was inside of it.. As I got to the end to pay I didn't know and asked the lady if I could have some sweet tea and grits I went in for breakfast that day and she looked at me and said honey child were are you from ? Because I know your not from around here ... I said no ma'am im not she said don't you worry and made me some sweet tea and cream of wheat she said that was as close to grits as she could get .. I got a kick out of it. She brought my plate back with 2 pieces of Buffalo sausage that were about as big as the plate for real it was the best place to eat at anywhere around there

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