Adding Blaze Orange to Elk Pack for Safety and Emergency Signaling

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    Smart idea

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    I am so glad I live in a state that I’m not required to wear orange. It is impressive how far it can be seen. One deer season years ago I was on a hilltop overlooking a wide valley and I saw 2 guys with blaze orange hats just fine from a mile away. I don’t know if it was really a mile but it was a kind ways to see just 2 hats.

  • Dave's avatar

    @Coyote im part of my local WSAR team and I figured if the chopper needs to follow someone to a LZ the wrsp would make it easier for them to see, and when I walk to the store I have to walk along the main road through town so it helps with that too

  • Coyote's avatar

    Wsar? Woodland search and rescue?? I would use orange if I needed but when I’m hunting I don’t want no one seeing me. If someone moves in on me not knowing I’m there I can roam off away from them.

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    @Coyote yes sir wilderness search and rescue, and here during firearms we have to wear orange

  • Coyote's avatar

    Oh I would happily wear orange for search and rescue I’m 5’ 8” 115. Skinny would be good to fit in places.

  • Dave's avatar

    @Coyote i have an orange camo hat i wear for hunting and sar too

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Dave B

West Virginia

Hey yall im dave aka Bigfoot(size 15 boots), i live in the mountains of West Virginia with my beautiful loving wife, grew up camping hunting fishing and trapping with my dad, grandfather and uncle, im passionate about the outdoors and conservation and mossy oak camo. Im a passionate birder Fly Fishing Aldo Leopold is my personal hero YouTube:ThreeForksCreekOutdoors

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