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  • Brad's avatar

    I care

  • Brad's avatar

    lol didn’t even pay attention to who this was until I sent it now it’s ironic

  • Jacob's avatar

    I just bought that book. Let me know what you think. I read the Eberhart book, Precision Bowhunting and really like it.

  • John's avatar

    I hope it’s a great one for you brother! It’s always fun when you can be out in the woods. I’m already excited for turkey season 🤷‍♂️ When it’s something you love doing I think it’s okay to already be excited 👊

  • Danny's avatar

    Always scouting for next deer season. I like to turkey hunt and eating them too. But it’s really just a good way to scout the deer woods for me

  • Adam D's avatar

    @Brad 😂👊

  • Adam D's avatar

    @Jacob I really enjoyed it. Honestly it's probably not any info you won't pick up from listening to various podcast but somehow seeing it in written format gets you fired up in a different way. Plus he writes like you're B.S.ing with a hunting buddy lol.

  • Adam D's avatar

    @Danny 😂 typically that's what deer season is for me for turkey

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Adam I have a lot of hunting and fishing books because it’s easier to go back and reference something than finding where something was said in a podcast that have forgotten the details of.

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Adam D S


East Tennessee native in love with all things hunting, fishing, outdoors and music. GoWild Brand Ambassador, posing as an outdoors blogger. www.eko-outdoors.com

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