Achieving My Personal Goal: Shooting a Bear with My Bow

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Black Bear

  • compound bow
  • 380 lbs
  • public
    land type
  • 22
    distance (yards)
  • William's avatar

    Nice bear

  • @William Thank you!

  • William's avatar


  • Joe's avatar

    Looks like a nice rug. Great job.

  • Primitive's avatar

    Nice work!

  • Amy's avatar

    Good for you!!! Very impressive🏹❤

  • Congratulations I would love to shoot one with a bow also

  • Dave's avatar


  • Gary's avatar

    Good eats

  • @Gary Yes! I was lucky enough to have harvested him early enough in our hunt I was able to take him to a processor who made some specialty cuts for me and it was some of the best game meat I have ever had.

  • Rodney's avatar

    Good job congratulations

  • Tim's avatar

    great hunt real nice one

  • Cathy's avatar

    On my bucket list with a bow.

  • Reese's avatar

    Wow beautiful bear

  • Bradley's avatar


  • Joel's avatar

    Nice Bruin!! A standing goal of mine is to shoot a NC (North Cackalacky) Black Bear with my Bear trad bow. 🇺🇸🦅

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