A Year of Hunting Success: Non-Typical Mule Deer and Trophy Bull Harvest

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    Good for you ma'am 👍 this is y I'm glad that we still have the freedom to hunt and y I raised my daughters to hunt and provide for our family In futures to come and see a young lady as yourself to put forth the hard work and celebrate the rewards of your hard work congrats

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    @Ernie thank you so much! It definitely is a way of life and a way most don’t and won’t ever understand. It’s how I was raised and how I in return are raising my kids to be

  • Pacific Alps's avatar

    Awesome bull! Congrats 👍

  • Lisa's avatar

    Congrats, Denika! 🤜🏻🤛🏻 Awesome, on sharing this with your kids too (your above comment😉)

  • Gerald's avatar

    Nice bull! That's why I'm glad colorado has a point system so I know I'll draw for sure than just praying on a lottery with a good chance of not drawing anything for a long time

  • Brandon's avatar

    Nice job 👍

  • EPIC's avatar

    Quite amazing! Well done!

  • Mike's avatar

    Nice bull. I am hoping this is my year.

  • Steve's avatar

    So jealous! Great harvest and sure it provided plenty of delicious meals! So want to get out to ID for an elk hunt! I know there are quite a few OTC tags so ding my research on areas to hunt.

  • Denika's avatar

    @Lisa thank you

  • Denika's avatar

    @Pacific thank you

  • Denika's avatar

    @Brandon Thank You

  • Denika's avatar

    @Gerald Thank You

  • Denika's avatar

    @Kevin Thanks

  • Denika's avatar

    @Mike thank You

  • Denika's avatar

    @Nicholas Ryan thank you

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Denika N


Single Momma, teaching my two kiddos the way of the world/outdoors. Solo hunts and tons of mom and son duo hunts. Anything from big game to small to fishing as long as we are outdoors our life is perfect!

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