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hunting3H 45M
  • Brian's avatar

    Great buck, congrats!

  • Turbo's avatar

    That is a beauty of a buck!!! Congrats!!!

  • Mike's avatar

    Great job, and the comment about the tongue speaks volumes. I honestly didn’t even notice it, the rest of the pic is that great👊

  • Brad's avatar

    I didn’t notice the tongue either. I commend you for caring. I usually try to avoid it too but these are tasteful images and I know you from social media to know you aren’t a blood thirsty antler hunter 🤣. Congrats.

  • Chuck's avatar

    Great respect, great story, great buck! Congrats

  • Shaun's avatar

    Great buck!

  • Tom's avatar

    Great buck and kind words.

  • Brandon's avatar

    Great job

  • Arica's avatar

    I love your story. Thanks for sharing it - Gave me goosebumps. ❤️

  • Gerald's avatar

    Amazing pictures wow sometimes you get the best shots just propping up the phone for the photos.. love that beautiful purple on orange backdrop and what a fine buck.. congratulations!

  • Zac's avatar

    Nice buck!

  • Elias's avatar

    Congratulations & wonderful story!

  • Craig's avatar

    What a great buck! Congrats! Awesome pics too!!

  • Roy's avatar

    Beautiful photo of your buck for sure .

  • Kimberly Jean's avatar

    Congratulations. Nice job

  • Obe's avatar


  • Mike's avatar

    Don't be sorry this community is used to it, it's what we do. I am single so I don't have much of a choice , do the best I can. Congrats to you.

  • Rodger's avatar

    Stuff happens, especially when you are alone in the woods. Good job! Great trophy and story to with it.

  • Mike's avatar

    What a buck. Great story. Congrats.

  • Brandon's avatar

    A bruiser!

  • Randy's avatar

    Great Buck Congratulations!!

  • Jonathan's avatar

    What a stud! Congratulations on that beauty. Any indication as to where the limp came from?

  • Derek's avatar

    Way to get it done!! Great job. Congratulations 😊

  • Buck's avatar

    Awesome story and outstanding buck - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Brian's avatar

    Congrats very impressive buck

  • Ralph's avatar

    Awesome story and congratulations on a beautiful buck

  • David's avatar

    Awesome buck! Congrats.

  • Shane's avatar

    Some times you are given a rare opportunity to reward your patience. Congratulation on a great buck. Thank you for taking the time to respect the life that was given to provide for your family!

  • Tom's avatar

    What a great story and the buck is just a “WOW”. Congratulations.

  • Jess's avatar

    I don't have a problem with the tongue hanging out. Congrats he looks tasty.

  • Courtney's avatar


  • Jr's avatar

    The main thing is you said he had a limp, I took a 4 pt years ago that was limping. After we retrieved him I found out his whole left hind quarter was full of maggots. Not a good way to go so I felt good to not lot him endure a slow painful death.

  • Carl's avatar

    Congrats! I didn't notice tounge either, great story and it was obvious ment to be.

  • Steve's avatar

    Great buck and pictures! That’s a giant!!

  • Carl's avatar

    Nice buck. Good job

  • 🇺🇸Lake's avatar

    Awesome story, great buck, and that is a long way to shoot a deer, you got some skill.

  • Field to Grill a.k.a's avatar


  • Cookie's avatar


  • Gerri lynne's avatar

    Awesome... Congrats

  • Terry's avatar


  • Richard's avatar

    That is awesome congratulations buddy

  • Dean's avatar

    Awesome buck...congratulations.

  • Cindy's avatar

    @Jonathan I sent a picture to Jim Heffelfinger, who is a wildlife biologist and deer “guru”, and he said that most likely the deer had broken his toe at some point and it didn’t heal properly, so the hoof continued to grow in the wrong direction. He said he couldn’t be 100% certain, but that was his gut feeling.

  • Kevin's avatar

    That's fantastic and congratulations! What a great story. Poor fella had a jacked up hoof for sure

  • Bruce's avatar

    You did a great job on the photos. No disrespect I see. Great story and great job. Yes things like this do happen to people like us. Great deer. God bless.

  • William's avatar

    What a dandy and what an unforgettable story to boot! Enjoy your success with a lifetime story!

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