A Memorable Turkey Hunt: Overcoming Sickness and a Close Encounter with a Hen

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    Sweettttt!! Ole Yella helped ya! Sorry you weren't feeling well! Ya have any clue what's going on? Prayers going up.
    Big congratulations! I bet the kids were super pumped!😇🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • John's avatar

    @Lisa some type of virus I guess 🤷‍♂️ It definitely wasn’t any fun! Oh yeah, the kiddos always like seeing the harvest!

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  • John's avatar

    @Travis thank you buddy!

  • Mike's avatar

    Man….. great hunt, congrats! Hope you feel better👊

  • John's avatar

    @Mike thank you Mike! It wasn’t how I’d planned it out, but it all came together for sure 👊 I’m feeling a little better now & am actually out in the living room with the family. Sure was a rough 24 hours or so though.

  • Mike's avatar

    @John way to make the best of it! 💪👊

  • Tom's avatar

    Hope you’re feeling better. Congratulations on a great hunt.

  • John's avatar

    @Tom thank you!

  • Dane's avatar

    Congratulations man!

  • John's avatar

    @Dane thank you bud!

  • Dave's avatar

    Congrats John. Awesome bird

  • John's avatar

    @Dave thank you Dave!

  • Turbo's avatar

    Congrats bud!!!! 👊🤠👍

  • John's avatar

    @Turbo Thank you!

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John M


Christian, family man who enjoys turkey & deer hunting, spending time at the lake and just outdoors in general

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