A Day of Shooting and Cleaning

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    Yes, cleaning is a very important part of responsibility when it comes to taking care of your guns.

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    Indeed it is. How do u like that Kimber?

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    Hey this is an automated response to let you know our team changed the Trail category. This helps you connect with the right people. You can select your trail when posting. If you have questions, just message us. Thanks!

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    @Donovan so far I like it. Not going to

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    @Courtney not going to lie the short field of scope I’m still learning because it’s very short. With that said I like the micro for a conceal gun but I’ve only shot it maybe three times. I’ve heard it jams but I haven’t experienced that yet.

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    @Courtney thanks. I wanted this to be general so more people could see it. Lol thanks.

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