8'1 Buck with a Missing Leg: My Second Tag is Reserved for the Big One

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  • Steve's avatar

    WOWZER!!! Beast!!! Congrats!!!🏆👏🏻

  • Travis's avatar

    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit jealous!! Great Job!

  • Steve's avatar

    I’m going to apalachicola next week gator hunting!

  • Steve's avatar

    That’s a beast!?

  • Steve's avatar

    That’s a beast!!!

  • Tiffiny's avatar

    @Steve doesn’t touch the 10’10 I got last year or the 12’ I have my heart set on, but it was a blast and he’ll be tasty!

  • Brad's avatar

    Congratulations! The 12 footer is next. 👊🏻

  • Barry's avatar

    Wow! I got a 7’ in Tx few years ago. Good eating for sure

  • Tiffiny's avatar

    @Brad I’ve already put binoculars on him four times this week. I’m leaving him alone and scouting his behavior because he is a MONSTER and he is smart.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Tiffiny I’m a bit too far north for alligators but can imagine it’s quite the rush. Especially when it’s a big one that looks like a dinosaur 😆. Best of luck. Look forward to that trophy!

  • Rich's avatar

    Wow! That’s a nice one

  • David's avatar

    Nice one! Congrats.

  • Ethan's avatar

    Thats awesome, congrats

  • DJ's avatar

    That is incredible!

  • Jess's avatar

    @tiffinysanders, what does gator taste like. My son and I want to try it and see what it tastes like. We are a long way from any gator hunts unfortunately. Live in orego .

  • Tiffiny's avatar

    @Jess you want to make sure it’s cubed, because it tastes best that way. It has a unique taste, almost like mix chicken and shrimp, but a little chewy.

  • Jess's avatar

    @Tiffiny, thanks for the info. Hope you get that 12 footer.

  • Jess's avatar

    @davehenson, no jungle Jim's in oregon that I know of.

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Tiffiny S


(IG: @lolaofthesouth) Education and Outreach Coordinator (N.onT.ypical Outdoorsman Inc.) Florida Ambassador (Artemis Sportswomen) FL Alligator Trapping Agent

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