7mm Rem Mag for Black Bear Hunting in North Carolina: Which Bullet Grain to Use?

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    That's an interesting question! I'm not an expert on hunting, but I can help you find the answer. I recommend checking out the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission website for tips on hunting black bear. They provide information on the best calibers and bullets to use. Good luck with your hunt! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    I would say your 7mm would be plenty sufficient, I would go with a fairly heavy bullet but most importantly a bullet that will hold together to penetrate, such as a core locked, partition or bonded bullet. A monolithic bullet might be a good choice as well.

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    I went black bear hunting in NC this year and killed a bear with my 6.5 Creedmoor. I do know the place i was at we had to do head shots. As long as your shot placement is good you should be fine!

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    I've never hunted with a 7mm, but I'm sure it would do the job. like most rounds, placement is key. I've been successful with hornady 150 grain sst in all my hunts on bear, just in a 30 caliber.

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    I grew up in NC hunting and 7mm will do the job . Are you running bear with dogs or still hunting ? Cause if you are running dogs to tree a bear a heavy hard hitting round like a 44mag , 45/70 , or even 20g slug will be perfect at closer range . Still hunting can be much harder due to sometimes longer shots but I have killed bear with archery equipment as well while still hunting. Shot placement is a huge deal with bigger fatter bears. Due to penetration through the fat layer and muscle.

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    @Jason I will be still hunting. What grain bullet should I use? Something in the 160 grain range?

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    @DJ with energy that a 7mm makes as is , I would use something that you know shoots best with your set up. When I use my .308 I do shoot heavier bullets in 170g range . But that’s just cause they do best with that rifle. It will do you good to learn a bit about the anatomy of a bear , they are bit different than the avg whitetail.

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    @Jason I have been looking at bear targets and they are different.

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    I am a black bear guide in NC. If your running dogs that is a horrible choice. You will want iron sights. If you are sitting in a tree that will be perfect. I’d also recommend a neck or head shot. A lot of guys loose there bear to a body shot because they wanted that skull trophy!!!

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    @David I will be hunting from a blind. What would the best bullet? Is a 150 grain bonded bullet sufficient or should I go with a 160 bonded?

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    @DJ my brother uses a 7mm mag for still hunting and he uses 150gr penetrators from Advance Bullets in GA. DEADLY!!! If you feel like you want that extra 10 grains then get that ammo.

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    @DJ so to answer your question. In the right spot that is more than enough for a still hunt on black bear in NC

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