7 Hour Stroll Pays Off: Connecting with a Giant Deadhead Buck for Shed Hunting 2023

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Antler Shed

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    Boonie 😂🤣😂🤣 U got me.

  • Lisa's avatar

    Lol, loved the roar. Hee
    I like dead heads. 😁

  • @Garrett Giant eh 😂 😂 gotta make er fun once in the blue moon you know, can’t be all serious all time.

  • @Lisa Well thank you 😂 and I can say the same although I’ve got to say I would of been way more excited than what I was if I had found it on a different day, wasn’t feeling up to it and was not having it. Some days are like that right!

  • Lisa's avatar

    Yea, I suppose so😁

  • Garrett's avatar

    @Dan true dat.

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Alberta, Canada

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