7 Day Elk Hunt on Horseback in the Wyoming Mountains: Prayer, Patience, and Persistence Pays Off

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    Date says Oct 26, California....not sure why but this was a Wyoming hunt, where I live. CA has nothing to do with this...

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    I'll post a video / further photos and such on https://outeracres.com/ once I get the chance. Definitely head over there and keep tabs on a fun project I'm working on.

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    Congratulations on your hunt, sounds like you deserve a rest now.

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    @Brian thx Brian! Super happy with it all and definitely nice to be back resting and catching up with the family!

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    Great story. Congratulations on a successful hunt.

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    @Tom thanks! I'll never forget it that's for sure!!!

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    @Dorran Larner LOL - thx!!! I'll make some elk burgers and have y'all over soon!!!

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Caleb B


Hunting, ATVing, horseback, camping, guns guns guns and archery too! https://outeracres.com/

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